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• Max continuous current: 16A
• Forward voltage: 75mV (at 16A)
• Continuous blocking voltage: 60V
• Package: DO-247


• Bypass diode
• Blocking diode


The ND16A60 superdiode is a low-frequency rectifier performing a function analogous to the standard diode. Compared to a standard diode, the superdiode will conduct current with much reduced forward voltage drop. Typical forward voltage drop at 16A current is around 75mV. The standard Schottky diode rated for the same maximum forward current will feature substantially more power dissipation due to higher voltage drop across the device.
Current [A]
IvChk.png Forward Voltage [mV]
The ND16A60 superdiode is designed to operate without a heat-sink. As is the case with all semiconductor devices, forward current flow causes temperature rise of the device beyond the ambient temperature of the environment. The actual maximum sustainable device current is therefore dependent on the ambient temperature. The temperature rise of 50C corresponds to 16A forward current. Nevertheless, the device can sustain an occasional overcurrent exceeding 20A.
Temperature [C]
Trise.png Forward Current [A]
The forward start-up current of ND16A60 is less than 100mA. The voltage-current characteristic for very low current exhibits negative resistance.
Reverse Current [uA]
Reverse.png Reverse Voltage [V]
The dynamic response of the ND16A60 is fast-on, slow-off. Switching times are somewhat dependent on the overall circuit impedance. The turn-off time when driven with a 20V peak-to-peak function generator square wave with a 50Ohm port is typically around 5ms. The reverse continuous blocking voltage is at least 60V.
Step Response (Voltage) [5V/div]
Square.png Time [5ms/div]


dimensions.png Units: mil
The ND16A60 comes in the DO-247 package. With 14ga leads the package can sustain a low voltage drop operation even with high current levels. The package does not have a metal plate which makes it very suitable for placing in an enclosure, such as a junction box, without a risk of electrical contact. The package is still suitable for mounting on a heatsink with the standard hardware, although a heat sink is not necessary to operate the diode up to 16A forward current.


The superdiode can be integerated into a larger system application using standard potting compounds. For best performance, heat-conducting potting materials should be used. For custom applications, such as mounting on a special substrate, please contact Nadagy Corporation

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